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About us

We are passionate and dedicated towards your real estate needs

GD Properties and Homes is a scaling multidisciplinary real estate company, established in 2016 and rapidly growing into a leading developer, investor and asset manager for all market segments in the Real Estate market.

Our competitive advantage is in combining expertise with local trends and experience as quick as we can, to create exceptional experiences and value.

Real Estate for us is a dedicated passion, the commitment to our clients genuinely lies at the heart of what we do. It fulfills us when we see a happy customer which over the years have become a portfolio of individuals who return time after time again, infact one of our main sources comes through personal recommendations.

We are justifiably proud of our established level of exemplary service and reliability. You can be rest assured that we will offer the highest possible standard.

To deliver the finest level of real estate services while also caring about the local community and making our neighborhoods a safe and productive place to live and work.

Our vision is simple: to adapt and change in order to continue to provide service and results that exceed expectations through creative thinking, leadership, initiative, respect, and passion.

Honesty: We conduct all negotiations with transparency and fairness.
Respect: We value, understand and listen to each other to promote good relationships between work teams, clients and allies.
Creativity: We work every day looking for new and better solutions to meet the objectives.
Service: Giving ourselves to others is our passion, we seek the greatest satisfaction from our customers.
Responsibility: We take charge of our actions, seeking the greatest coherence with our ideals.
Gerald Egwuagu - CEO/MD

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